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PITI “The Piñata”

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Meet Piti Piñata. Like most piñatas, he does kids birthday parties, BBQs, corporate Cinco de Mayo parties and any gig that will pay his bills. But the continued whacks to the head have left our poor Piti with a severe case of victimization syndrome. Day after day of getting beat with a bat is wearing on him fast, making him snappy and constantly on a defensive edge.

From Piti’s early beginnings, he knew he was destined to be more than a paper donkey. This led to him traveling to far away places like London, South Africa and Australia – anywhere that kids didn’t know what a Piñata was for. He traveled so much to these locations that it’s resulted in a temp accent to his speech, only Sydney Opera House, and his dream of being a pianist would be born – even though he has hooves and no fingers.

Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped Piti, who is personable once you gain his trust. The ladies love him as he is a lover of art, culture and even yes, children. His greatest ambition is that he can change the way Piñatas around the world could walk land without fear of being shredded apart for the candies in their belly’s. How he aims to break this stereotype is his single motivation, and he believes that the release of his solo piano album may just be the trick.

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