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Mexican Finger Foods

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When you hear the words Mexican finger Foods most of us automatically think of chips and salsa or tacos. However there are plenty of other dishes that would qualify for this category, today we wanted to share a rigional dish most of us would never think of putting together,locally referred to as “Guajolotas”, tortas de tamal are commonly found in Mexico City and some other parts of central Mexico. This might sound rather unusual but try this on a cold day and you’ll fall in love!

What you will need:

Torta bread (bollios, teleras)
Your choice of Del Real Tamales (pork, chicken, beef, etc)
Sour cream if desired


1-Cut Torta Bread
2-Heat up Tamal
3-Spread the sour cream on the torta bread as desired
4-Stuff torta bread with Tamal



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