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Football Tailgating with Del Real Foods

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Football season is coming up and so are the tailgating events! Having great food is part of what makes tailgating such an unforgettable experience, that’s why this year make sure to take Del Real Foods to your tailgate! Don’t have electricity for a microwave? No problem! Del Real Food products are conveniently cooked and simply need to be warmed up! Just ADD HEAT!




What you will need:

-Del Real Foods

-Outdoor Burner or BBQ Grill

-Large Tongs


-Large Pot



Outdoor Burners or BBQ Grills work great!

Step 1: Simply add 1/3 water to the pot

Step 2: Place pot over burner or on top of grill

Step 3: Turn on the burner or grill at a medium flame

Step 4: Drop the Del Real Food pouches in the pot

Step 5: Let them heat up for approximately 30 minutes

Step 6: Carefully remove pouches from pot with the large tong


Step 7: Open the pouches and serve

Step 8: Get complimented on having the best tailgating food ever



We cook, you take the credit. It’s that simple with Del Real Foods!





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