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Dia de Los Muertos – Day of the Dead

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November 1st: El Dia de Los Angeletios “Day of the Angels”

November 2nd: El Dia de Los Muertos “Day of the Dead”

El Dia de Los Muertos and El Dia de Los Angelitos is celebrated in Mexico in honor of the dead. El Dia de Los Angelitos is honor of infants and children who have passed away and El Dia de Los Muertos is in honor of departed adults.

This 2 day celebration is done in remembrance of departed loved ones. Mexicans happily and very lovingly remember their departed relatives.  On the first day of the celebration, November 1st, Mexican families make room in their houses to create altares “alters” which consist of a table with pictures of their deceased loved ones, and decorate table with  flowers, candles, and ofrendas “offerings”. The offerings are meant to help the traveling souls during their journey. The ofrendas are often place in the altars and on the gravesides along with personal belonging, tequila bottles, bread, water and anything else the deceived loved one liked. These offerings are believed to help the traveling souls on their traveling journey. Candles are believed to help light the way for the spirits and food is believed to help nourish the soul. It’s a tradition to bake the Pan de Muerto “Bread of the dead” and eat it during the celebration. El pan de muerto is made in different shapes and figures to represent the dead. Sugar skulls, and skeletons are also traditional decorations to represent the dead.

On November 2nd, El Dia De Los Muertos, Mexican families spend the day at the cemetery and clean and decorate their loved one’s tombs. The decorations consist of flowers, papel picado, food and alcohol bottles.  In addition, family members often take favorite things of the one who has passed away to his or her graveside. Many take live bands and mariachis. This joyful celebration also includes a Feast of the favorite food of the deceased person and shared among family and friends. El Dia de Los Muertos tradition brings the cemetery to life with the music, food, and celebration environment.


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