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Summer ‘ Barbacoa Avo -Tacos.

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Robert lape

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Summer ‘ Barbacoa Avo -Tacos.


Summer ripened avocados stuffed with Barbacoa served with Arroz.


15 Minutes

5 Minutes

  • "4 / sun riped avocados
  • 1/ lime
  • 1/ bunch of cilantro
  • 3/ green onions
  • 1/ Tomato
  • 1 / 10oz bag of your favorite shredded mexican cheese .
  • Pink Himalayan sea salt .
  • "

"Ok ..lets start the prep. Dice the green onion and tomato. Hand pull the cilantro' from the stem . to keep the flavor Sliced the 4 avocados, in half and discard the seed. Hand squeeze the lime over your newly created 8 avocado slices and salt to taste. The pink Himalayan sea salt ' add's an other layer of taste with out taking away from the fresh avocado. Ok ..set these aside .. Prepare the DRF Arroz, per package directions. Once done and letting it sit the last 2 mins prepare the DRF Barbacoa per package directions. Once fully cooked remove from its cooking bag and pour into the container it came in and shred it to smaller sizes . Lets plate .. Serve the arroz and place 2 of the avocado slices onto the arroz, spoon the barbacoa into the natural indentation of the avocado. Top with the diced green onion,tomato,and cilantro Top with your favorite shredded mexican cheese blend. Spoon the sauce from the barbacoa over the top. Lets eat !!! Serve this refreshing summer meal with family and friends. . . . "